5 Best Places to Visit in US Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands is the group of small Caribbean islands located under a United States area. The islands are a section of the Virgin Islands archipelago and on the Lesser Antilles Leeward Islands. The total area of the island is 346.36 square kilometers. The US Virgin Islands are the perfect place to make the most of your vacation. There are destinations for visitors who can investigate and enjoy larger-than-life holidays.


5 Best Places to Visit in the US Virgin Islands

1. St. Thomas Island


One of the best places on the island is St. Thomas Island. This place offers many holiday destinations, for example, Fort Christian. Currently, this building is used as a government building with a congregation and a courthouse. Until 1983, this post was used as a prison. For all visitors who have the opportunity to buy and need to study the commercial skies around the world, this is the best place for them. St. Thomas is the commercial capital of the Virgin Islands of the United States. In any case, their hospital in the island hasĀ diagnostic tests for dehydration.


2. Blackbeard Castle


To find another place worth mentioning on the island, you can visit Blackbeard Castle. It is another more traditional building on the island. Today, this place is known for its restaurant and hotel. Slice the extraordinary hospitality and delight the visitors. It is a few hundred meters from the travel terminal. Likewise, you can also take the help of the trails that allow you to have more appearance of finding and personal association with the natural magnificence of the island.


3. Salt River Bay


You can also visit the National Historical Park and the Salt River Bay Ecological Reserve. It is home to many mango trees, coral reefs and an underwater canyon surrounded by the ocean. This place has crystal clear waters, deep coral reefs, lots of bright tropical fish and the best water sports. If you enjoy diving, this place is for you. Here you can know about diving forever.


4. Haagenson House and Whim Museum


If you are excited about the walks, this is a culmination among other opportunities to study the structural magnificence of the island. Art lovers can not miss the famous Haagenson House and Museum museums in St. Croix Whim, along with some of the masterpieces of the rich cultural past that this island has achieved so far.


5. St. Croix


In St. Croix, you will be surprised by the Danish influence that has especially invaded the place. This island is ideal for those looking for a relaxing holiday without stress. There are some affordable options for golf on this island.